Food intolerance testing

We offer food intolerance testing for all our patients and clients. This test can be invaluable in helping to detect which foods may be causing adverse reactions in the body. By highlighting these food types, clients can avoid them as they need to, and make the necessary changes to their diet. This sometimes results in dramatic improvements in wellbeing, with some clients being unaware of an allergy or severe intolerance until the test.




When used in conjunction with other treatments, this test helps improve the wellbeing of our clients significantly, and can be used to help advise lifestyle, ideal treatments, and diet. These test results can change over time, and ongoing checks can help you to continue to stay ahead of any developing intolerances you may have. This test costs just £60, and requires just a single hair to enable our partners to test the hair for intolerances and allergies.



We often offer a food intolerance test as part of a wider holistic consultation, to enable us to offer a comprehensive package for your health and wellbeing. If you are curious about whether you have a food intolerance, and would like to know more about this innovative technique, contact our helpful team and book an appointment.

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