Chinese Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments for your wellbeing


Food intolerance testing

We offer food intolerance testing for all our patients and clients. This test can be invaluable in helping to detect which foods may be causing adverse reactions in the body.  more  


If you wish to improve the circulation, relieve tension, and draw out impurities, cupping can be a great technique to help improve your wellbeing.  more  

Herbal treatments

If you are looking for complementary therapy, our Chinese herbal treatments are created to help you achieve the best possible health and wellness.  more  

Ear Candle

Here at Fountain, we offer Hopi Ear Candle treatments to help you achieve a sense of calm and relaxation.  more  

Acupressure (Tui na)

Are you curious about what acupressure can do for you? Our team of experienced acupressure therapists will help you and your wellbeing.  more  


Are you feeling under stress, coping with chronic pain, or having trouble sleeping? Acupuncture can be a great solution to a wide range of problems.  more